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I have been belly dancing since 2007 and began teaching in 2015. I love to teach belly dance classes because it gives me an opportunity to share my love of dance with those new to belly dance and to expose students to the many benefits of dance. I enjoy fusing Tahitian, Polynesian and Urban dance with belly dance and my classes have been described as fun and full of positive energy.  I believe that belly dance is for EVERYbody and my classes are a no judgement zone. I also believe that variety is the spice of life! Because of this, students can expect to dance to a wide variety of music such as Middle Eastern folk and pop, urban contemporary, and many other genres in my classes.

I am an active member of Troupe Malkia, the performance subgroup of Sacred Hips in Motion.  I am also a member of a touring troupe led by Ebony Qualls. I recently fell in love with dancing with a sword and holds a Level I & II Bohemian Blade Certification.  This love of powerful, purposeful sword dancing has led me to join Troupe Iyanu an all-female sword troupe. Thanks to each of these troupes, I have had the wonderful opportunity to perform at various theaters, haflas, and events around the DMV area and also in Paris, France and Hawaii and soon at the Tribal Massive in Las Vegas!

In my spare time, I love to explore other creative areas such as painting, crafting, and discovering new music. In addition to belly dance, I enjoy ANY dance form that gets the body moving. I believe that my "vessel" must be full in order to share and teach others, and so I consider myself a lifelong student and continue my dance training with local and international belly dance instructors.


Favorite Music Genres: Egyptian Street Music, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Reggaetón, Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B

Favorite post evening-class snack: Honest answer: Wine! When there’s no wine around: honey crisp apples with organic peanut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg!

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