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Laini has studied belly dance since 2004. She has taken classes and workshops with a variety of instructors in the Washington, DC area including but not limited to Dr. Sunyatta Amen, Amel Tafsout, Khalidah, Naima, Lotus Niraja, Leila Haddad, Rachid Alexander, Laurel Victoria Grey, Ebony Qualls, Rachel Brice and more. She strongly believes that her dance education is never ending. In addition to Belly Dance, Laini has also studied Afro-Caribbean dance intermittently since she was first introduced to the dance forms in 2006.  She plans to continue to pursue opportunities to expand her knowledge of the world of belly dance as well as other dance forms.


The name Laini (pronounced Lah-ee-nee) is Swahili for ‘soft and gentle’ as well as ‘smooth’, all adjectives used to describe her dancing style.  Laini began teaching Belly Dance in 2007 and has had the opportunity to perform at outdoor festivals, wedding receptions, private parties and recitals. She has always been fascinated and enticed by the world of movement and was instantly drawn to the art of belly dance. Through the art form, she has found sisterhood, body and spiritual awareness and a catalyst for feminine expression.

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