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Photo of all six of the Sacred Hips in Motion Instructors in a happy embrace.

Photography by Stereo Vision

About Us

Sacred Hips in Motion is a collective of six dancers whose goal is to promote fitness, health, artistic expression, positive body image, and sisterhood through belly dance.  Choosing the name 'Sacred Hips' to convey our reverence for the feminine body and the sanctity of the dance, we aim to provide a unique and fun belly dance workout while making each student feel special, divine, and most importantly, free to be themselves!

Our class combines dance arts, fitness, and sacred feminine movement that strengthens, heals, and empowers women to embrace the sacred feminine energy we all possess…all while getting a deliciously sweaty workout!  It is our goal to expose students to the many benefits of belly dance such as toning and tightening core muscles, strengthening arms, revving up the metabolism, alleviating stress, improving flexibility, and promoting inner well-being through dance.  

We are an enthusiastic group born from the spirit and the joy of dance, a sentiment we share with everyone that shares a dance floor with us. So come laugh, sweat, and dance with us!


​For more info on each instructor, Please visit our bio page.


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